Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Outlet Round 9

Before I even tell you what this post is about, DO NOT LOOK AT MY  EYES! I know you already did, and then you were like EW. Okay, I know. I was just as freaked out when I saw it. See, I SWEAR they were totally fine when I took the picture. So I didn't double check, and then I changed out of my outfit, and then I watched a movie and then I got all tired and lazy....and then I see this. Yepp. Totally annoyed by this, but too lazy to change it! SO, let's pretend it's the fashion of the day. Weird eyes. Okay, good. :3

SO on to the important stuff. Outlet Sales Room has it's 9th round out, yay!! There's tons of cute stuff to pick up at discounted prices! I have on a super nice top from Razorblade Jacket, and it color changes too! The sassy dress pants are from Greymoon. And the kitchen stuff is from Wayward Muse. It's so dang cute! I love the island, it matches a ton of different sets. And did you see the coffee maker, it has a PLUG! How cute is that!? I don't know why I love little details like that, but it's awesome. :D

Skin - Al Vulo - Aisha
Hair - Exile - Little Talks (New!)
Top - Razorblade Jacket - Ballistic Nylon Top (OSR)
Pants - Greymoon - Fading Stripes Dress Pants (OSR)
Flats - Needful Things
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Filigree Oval 
Kitchen Stuff - Wayward Muse (OSR)

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