Saturday, October 19, 2013


It's getting closer and closer to Halloween!! I love Halloween so much, it's one of my favorite holidays. So, of course I was excited to check out Horrorfest. It's a little bit confusing to describe, it's sort of an event/gacha/hunt thing? I don't know. Check out their website for more details here! It's got tons of awesome Halloween themed stuff though! Clothes, accessories, home and garden, and more!

Hair - Truth by Truth Hawks - Anita
Dress - Senzafine by Synjari Myriam - Berenice Gothic Lolita Dress (Horrorfest)
Boots - Ducknipple by Beanster Potato - Abba Boots
Necklace - The Forge by Deccan Arida - Battelina Necklace in Gold (Ultra Rare, Horrorfest Gacha)

House - Trompe Loeil by Cory Edo - Autumn Cottage (C88)
Log Path - Alchemy by Nina Helix - Little Log Path
Tree - 3D Trees by Nadine Reverie - Autumn Tree Set
Coffin - Circa by Cherelle Capra - Elysium Crypt Sarcophagus (Horrorfest)
Well - Lark by Sienia Trevellion - Binding Well (Horrorfest)

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