Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Home Show 2014

Home Show is going on right now!! There are so many awesome brands with super adorable things for your home and garden. I'm showing you things from two stores today: Bazar and Convair. From Convair we have this AMAZING house. I am so in love with this house. This house reminds me so much of the ones we have here in RL. It's just so cute and homey. And very well made!! The only downside is that it's no copy. :( There's two bedrooms, and lots of space downstairs. I've decorated my new house with lots of new furniture from Bazar's new Toronto set. I am featuring the livingroom set and the bathroom set. It's so modern and warm, I love it. <3


Picture One
House - Convair by Tobias Convair - Oakside Bungalow (Home Show)
Hair - Lamb by Lamb Bellic - Pocket Knife in Fair
Top/Jacket - Tres Blah by Julliette Westerburg - Blazer with Tank 
Jeans - Fashionably Dead by Toast Bard -  Hand Drawn Skinny Jeans
Shoes - Candy Doll by Rebeca Dembo - Baerina Flats
Pose - Purple Poses by Audrey Guter - Laurel Set

Picture Three
Globe Bar - Standby Inc. by Sho Kenin - Globe Bar Monochrome
Everything Else - Bazar by Ria Bazar - Toronto Livingroom (Home Show)

Picture Four 
Kitchen and Dining - LAQ Decor by Winter DiPrima

Picture Five
Toilet - LAQ Decor by Winter DiPrima
Everything Else - Bazar by Ria Bazar - Toronto Bathroom (Home Show)

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