Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have some new goodies to show you, and some old ones too!! First let's start with the hair, since that is the reason for today's title. The hair I am wearing is sort of new, and it's from Exile called "Unwritten Lyrics". It's very beautiful, very flowy, and fits nicely!! The thing I love most though is the color. Normally I am bright blonde, as you might know. I was going to buy this hair in blonde, I never really even think of getting a different color. But, the demo was in mahogany and when I put it on, I couldn't stop camming my own face!! It's so...full of color. Not a dull brown. Just beautiful, and I am hooked! Exile is one of the few places that has anything close to this color too, so yay Exile!!

I also wanted to show you a brand new skin from Atomic!! Right now it's only at The Dressing Room, and it;s gorgeous! I love the lips so much. <3


Skin: Atomic
Hair: Exile
Eyes: YS&YS
Dress: Cynful

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