Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Night in Paris

I finally got to go to Collabor88! Three days late, I know. But it gets so laggy, I'm sure you know how it is. ;)

Before I got there, though, I got a notice about the new Magika hair. I haven't worn Magika hair in SO long, mostly because she starting steering her style in the too long for my taste direction. I noticed, though, that it was mesh! Being pro demo all the mesh, of course I had to go and see! So I went, I tried on, and unfortunately I didn't love it. But, as I was leaving this beautiful little thing called Capture caught my eye. Ironic name right? I put it on and I'm still in love! It's well made, fit nicely, and comes in two sizes. That's not even the best thing, though. The best thing is you get a mini fatpack for the price of normal hair packs!! I can be ALL shades of blonde, brown, black, or red just by using the HUD. Not just one shade from each pack, but all of them! Excuse me a moment. *Bows to the creator.*

So, once I had my hair all in order, I finally get into Collabor88. I must say, it was about 50/50 this week for me. Some I just adored, and some didn't interest me at all. I'm showcasing a couple things I really loved and grabbed up right away. First, we have this super hot outfit from Nylon Outfitters. Ooh man, I'm modest and sexy (not that I care too super much about modesty ;))! This would be like my hot mom outfit, if I was a mom. It's mesh as well and you can choose from 3 colors. I also love this skybox from Barnesworth Anubis. It's paris themed, which I love, and it has this cute little paris background surround outside the windows. I also bought, but did not picture because it's bedtime and I'm lazy, is an adorable "bathtub couch" from Cheeky Pea. I don't even need to explain the awesomeness of that. Bathtub. Couch. :3

Skin - Atomic - Grace
Hair - Magika - Capture (Mesh)
Eyes - YS&YS
Outfit (Top, Skirt, Leggings) - Nylon Outfitters (88L @ Collabor88)
Boots - So Many Styles - Folded Boots in Tomato
Skybox - Barnesworth Anubis (188L @ Collabor88)

Location: Colabor88

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