Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today's post is dedicated to a brand called Sn@tch. It's one of those brands that's there, it's big, yet it's not in your face big. I really wanted to shine some more light on this great brand. Sn@tch is one of my favorite stores ever. The textures are drop dead gorgeous. I don't even need prims or mesh (though she has plenty of those!) because her textures are just that cute. She has something for every style too! Goth, girly, formal, vintage. And vintage is exactly what I chose to show off Sn@tch. Partly because of the upcoming Vintage Fair, partly because her vintage style stuff is just so pretty!

 Sn@tch - Chastity Bralet Top and Organza Skirt
Hair is by Lamb

Sn@tch - Kat Dress (mesh)
Hair is by Dela, Shoes by Slink 

Sn@tch - Make No Mistake Dress
Hair by Truth

Sn@tch - Gaslight Calico Bodysuit
Hair by Wasabi Pills

Aaaand feast your eyes on a couple of the gorgeous items you can pick up at Vintage Fair!!

Sn@tch - Edie Steps Out Cocktail Dress (@ Vintage Fair)
Hair by Wasabi Pills, Shoes by Ncore

Sn@tch - June Party Dress (@ Vintage Fair)
Hair by Wasabi Pills, Shoes by Ncore

All pictures taken at Where it Begins

Taxi to Sn@tch

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