Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Voice - Fundraiser for Gala

Many of you have heard of the Hush and Curio issue that's currently going on. If not, you can read about it on Gala's blog here. Personally, I can't imagine how much stress this is causing Gala. I love her skins, and while I don't know her, she seems like a very nice person. Her legal fees are HUGE as you can imagine as she is fighting this battle. Luckily, SL has amazing people that want to help. A fundraiser is being held by One Voice to help raise money for Gala starting on July 9th and will run until the 15th. There are many incredible designers, many donating 100% to the cause, and many exclusive items! I will be covering some of the things from the event in the next couple of days, so keep checking back to see more great looks! And, when it's open, I encourage you to check it out! This could happen to anybody, I know none of you would wish it on anybody, and every little bit helps. Not only are we helping someone in need, but we are standing up to protect our community of wonderful people and creators from this kind of abusive behavior.

Skin - Al Vulo - Georgie (One Voice)
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Anais 2
Tank Top - Mon Cherie (One Voice)
Shorts - Insatiable Fashions

Pose - Purple Poses

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