Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fantasy Faire - Mermaid Style

Today I am a mermaid! Fantasy Faire is coming up and it's got some great stuff! This mermaid costume and pose is from FantaSea, and I love it! This awesome fantasy skin is from Favourite Genes. And the awesome staff is actually from a pose set by Musa. These items are donation items for RFL! Look for these and more at Fantasy Faire!

Skin - Favourite Genes by Violette Larkham - RFL 2013 Air Elemental 03 (FF)
Hair - EMOtions by Mirja Mills - Aquaria (Tinted purple)
Mermaid Costume - FantaSea by Corkie Houston - Carpe Oceanus (FF)
Staff - Musa! by Yabusaka Loon - Enchanted Moon Pose set (FF)

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