Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Fantastical

Fantasy Faire 2013 opens tomorrow! It's so exciting! I've had the chance to tour the sims, and while I won't give too much away, I must admit they are GORGEOUS. You will be astounded, trust me. Above I've shown the scene that you TP into, with trees that serve as portals into the different sims. It's so cute, I just want to move right in there. Too bad I can't! ;D

Dragon Magick Wares has some really cute skyboxes and some buildings for petites out at the faire this year. The one above is called the Fractal Dreams Skybox. To me, it's more of a photo background, but you can use it for whatever you want. It's really pretty! Below is the clock house for petites, which is adorable!

On Indigo (Blonde):
Skin - Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena - Alena in Vanilla
Hair - Truth by Truth Hawkes - Caprice 
Top - Ducknipple by Beanster Potato - Mister Top (New!)
Skirt - U.F.O. by Charming Meiler - Burst Into Bloom Skirt
Boots - Ducknipple - Greet Boots (New!)

On Adalynne (Petite):
Petite Avatar - Apple May Designs by Apple May - Fairy Me Farrah
Hair - Wasabi Pills by MissAllSunday Lemon - Amandine
Outfit - Caverna Obscura by Elvina Ewing - Dream Thief

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